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Linkedin Post#143


Add in metrics to track the impressions/reach and engagement etc for linkedin post

2 years ago

@Annagpeck what does etc mean? some of the fields are already here can you let me know what the exact fields needed are

2 years ago
  • page impressions
    following are all post level:
  • date of creation
  • engagement - likes
  • engagement - comments
  • engagement - shares
  • engagement - clicks
  • post reach
  • post impressions
  • post message
  • post ID
  • post url
2 years ago
Changed the status to
2 years ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
2 years ago

page impressions (in progress)

post reach

available already:

date of creation:
post impressions:
post message:
post ID:
post url:

summed up
engagement - likes:
engagement - comments:
engagement - shares:
engagement - clicks:

here is the full list of available fields which could be added:

2 years ago

only post title not share post title

3 months ago