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Amazon Venndor Central API connection#537

The values we need access to are located at
we need all the data (metrics) from the GET_PROMOTION_PERFORMANCE_REPORT and GET_COUPON_PERFORMANCE_REPORT sections
This data will help create a robust analytics Vendor Central Reports

7 months ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
7 months ago

Hi. Do you have ani estimate on when the API connection will be completed?

6 months ago

@Equinox Enterprises could you please send us an email to [email protected] with your user name. we have the code ready and would like to test it before deploying it to production.

6 months ago

Hi Matthias,

Actually, I have not opened an account with Windsor yet. I was waiting for the API connections to be set. Do you need me to open an account and send you the username?



5 months ago

@Equinox Enterprises yes, would be needed. please send an email to [email protected] once you created an account and added a vendor central account.

5 months ago