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Messaging Conversation Started - Facebook Ads#547

Messaging Conversation Started is a crucial metric that is currently unavailable in the platform. Without it, measuring campaign effectiveness for the Messages Generation objective becomes harder. I would appreciate it if you could consider adding this metric to the platform.

13 days ago

measure name: “new messaging connections”
measure code: “actions_onsite_conversion_messaging_conversation_started_7d”

7 days ago

Messaging Conversations Started is different from New Messaging Connections

4 days ago

Messaging Conversations Started:
This metric typically refers to the total number of conversations initiated by users. It counts instances where users begin a new conversation.
To include this in your Python code using the Meta Graph APIs:

python code:
response_started = make_api_request(‘messaging_conversations_started’)
conversations_started_count = response_started[‘data’][0][‘values’][0][‘value’]
print(f”Total Messaging Conversations Started: {conversations_started_count}”)

New Messaging Connections:
This metric focuses on the creation of new connections between users. It includes instances where users establish a connection or relationship through messaging.
To include this in your Python code:

python code:
response_connections = make_api_request(‘new_messaging_connections’)
new_connections_count = response_connections[‘data’][0][‘values’][0][‘value’]
print(f”Total New Messaging Connections: {new_connections_count}”)

4 days ago