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Make filters available in

Our problem with connecting GA4 to Power BI is mainly that we (unfortunately) have a massive amount of URL’s on our website – which we need for our dashboarding in Power BI to be able to make dashboards for different parts of the organization. The problem is that Power BI can’t really seem to handle it and crashes if we use a too big of a date range combined with page path and/or page location dimension (but we’ll also need to be able to look at least a year back, so ideally I need the date_preset=last_year). I have no issues while loading simpler stuff like sessions, users, etc. combined with dimensions like source/medium or browser.

Is there a possibility to filter on page path/page location (URL) in Windsor before actually importing to Power BI? So we can select the pages we’ll be working with beforehand, depending on the dashboard we’ll be making, and it doesn’t just all import into Power BI. Or do you have any other tips regarding this issue?

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