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Feature Request: Add Hourly Data Upload Option#668


Problem Statement:

In our integration process with, we require more frequent data updates to facilitate real-time analytics and decision-making. While the current daily data upload option is useful, it falls short of meeting our need for timely insights into our data.

Proposed Solution:

To address this need, we propose adding an hourly data upload option to the connector. This enhancement would enable users to receive updates on a more frequent basis, allowing for near-real-time analysis and monitoring of key metrics and performance indicators.

Request Action:

We kindly request to consider implementing this enhancement to add an hourly data upload option to the connector. By providing users with the flexibility to choose between hourly and daily data updates, it will significantly improve the timeliness and relevance of the data for analytical purposes.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to the potential implementation of this enhancement and appreciate your consideration.

a month ago